We have fresh Japanese cuisine with a cute eating area and a lovely seating space in our back garden.  

There will be guest chefs and many special events to come!

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photo: courtesy of Gary Fifield

photo: courtesy of Gary Fifield


K.C. Kai Store, The USO Club & Style Mart 

K.C. Kai Store, built by Kwock Chong Kai, had a gala grand opening in 1931. A front-page article in the newspaper described the festivities and the wide array of stylish products displayed at the "up-to-date dry goods emporium". It was one of the largest stores in the town at the time, "featuring a spacious open undivided interior. There was also an apartment in the back where the family lived. 

During WWII, the building was turned into a USO club for the military personnel stationed nearby. They had magazines, a record player, movies and stage shows to provide entertainment. After the war and into the 60s it was a clothing store known as Style Mart. During the 1970's & 80s, it became a residence for the native Hawaiian Aki family. Since then a series of art galleries have called it home. 


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